A Little More Sanity

I just want to start off by acknowledging that I’m not normal. In fact, I can be quite odd at times; and I don’t expect everyone to understand the way I operate.

With that being said…

Every so often, I’d say about every two or three months, I take the time to do something very important for my sanity and overall well-being. This act not only reduces my stress, it enhances my productivity, and gives my life new meaning. Often my energy level and overall mood can be directly related to where I am within this two or three month cycle. What is this life renewing activity which I partake in, you ask? What is my key to feeling refreshed and balanced? Wait for it….

I clean my room.

Now, if you know me well at all, you probably can tell that I’m not a messy person. Some would call me borderline OCD or maybe even anal retentive. I like to think I’m just very organized. So, when I say every so often I take the time to “clean my room”, there is much more going on here than picking up my clothes, or making my bed. My room is hardly ever “not clean” by a normal person’s standards.

No, when I clean my room, I’m doing more than dusting and vacuuming. Without getting into too many details, which I am known for, cleaning my room entails, sweeping, dusting, organizing closet space/drawers/electronics/bookshelves, etc.. Many times I rearrange the furniture in my room, which is only about a 16×12 ft space, but each time I seem to find a new and better arrangement. Occasionally, I get rid of old clothes that I no longer wear, or spend hours thinking of the best way to arrange my almost twenty pairs of shoes. Oops, too many details. But you get the point. This is a big event that often takes an entire weekend.

Since I’m a big fan of metaphor and relating every day life or mundane activities to the broader picture, I feel cleaning my room symbolizes much more than the idea that I’m an organized person. Cleaning my room is an intentional act that helps me to process a lot of the “junk” that takes place in my life. Sometimes the junk needs to be dusted off, shined up, and placed on the shelf. Sometimes it needs to be hidden in a drawer or shoe box to be dealt with at a later date. Other times it’s better to throw it in the trash and start fresh.

My point is, how often do you take the time to regroup and get organized? In what ways are you intentionally reflecting on your past, present, and future? For me, it’s as simple (and complex) as cleaning my room. For you, it’s probably something different.

I urge you to find your thing, and make a habit of “cleaning your room” regularly. It’s helped me stay sane, and in today’s crazy world, we could all use a little more sanity.

P.S. I just realized that the words sanity and sanitize both come from the same Latin word SANUS, meaning healthy.

That’s all. Thanks for reading!

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