Seasons of Change

With the passing of time comes the changing of the seasons. This is how the world works, how it was designed. As winter approaches, I can feel something inside myself changing, something from deep within.

Today I submitted my final assignment for my final class of my masters program. Technically, I am no longer considered a student. This concludes 21 consecutive years of formal education. I’m not saying this in hope to seek recognition for my accomplishment. The fact is, I am amazed at how much of my life has been spent going to school, doing homework, writing papers, taking tests, and occasionally reading text books. But that time is passed.

As I approach the next season of my life, I am finding myself asking, “What’s next?”

Of course, I have always had a plan for the direction in which I would like my life to go, but now that it’s here, something just feels different.

Perhaps it’s the fact I am starting to realize I’ve actually learned something along the way. I feel like I know things and can use what I’ve learned to help someone, or get a job, or maybe even teach others. There comes a point during the education process that you stop trying to sound like you know what you’re talking about and realize that you’ve actually learned some things. Maybe some people never get to this point. Maybe some people reach it too soon. All I’m saying is, education is a real thing. Trust the process.

I’m not really sure who this post if for, or what the message is that I’m hoping to send. Maybe I’m talking to those individuals at the beginning of their journey. Or it could be meant for someone who has already been there and forgotten about all the wonderful things they have learned.

In any case, I’ll leave you with this… As hard as it’s been, and at times as easy as it has been, I never stopped trusting the process. I am confident in the value of what I’ve learned and where it will take me. And best of all, the learning doesn’t stop here. As I enter into the next season of my life, I am excited to explore new ideas, hear other people’s stories, and apply what I’ve learned. The future is bright, and I’m looking forward to what lies ahead!

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