Honduras: Day One

Last week I had the opportunity to go on a Missions trip to Honduras. Throughout the week I tried my best to take some notes on my thoughts and experiences I had during my time in this amazing country. Here are my thoughts from day one of my incredible journey…

Well I’m back in Honduras and it seems like I never left. What I mean by this is that I’m feeling some of the same frustrations that I felt during my trip a year and a half ago. I told myself that before I returned to Honduras, I was going to learn to speak Spanish, well, at least some basics. I’d love to say more than just Ci, de nada, gracias, and hola. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen. I feel so helpless when I’m unable to communicate with the people I am trying to serve. I would love to be able to have conversations with them, or even understand some of the things they say to me. Communication is by far the biggest challenge for me while in Hondo, well, the secret handshakes are pretty tough for me too.

Oh yeah, we had half of the money for our trip stolen out of David’s truck today when we were at Church’s Chicken. We hadn’t even been in the country for two hours and already we had to use a “roll with it”. That was a pretty big “roll with it.” It might actually count as two. Anyway, I’m hoping that the person who stole the money really needed it and is going to use it for something that will benefit their life or their family. Basically, we may have to change some of the plans that we had for the week, but God is good and he makes better plans. With that being said, we still are here for a purpose and will continue to show love to others no matter the circumstances.

Tonight eight members of our team had the opportunity to help out with a homeless ministry that is led by another missionary from the U.S. named Amber who has established herself here in Honduras. We helped her and her team of interns serve hot food to some of the local homeless within the city, Tegucigalpa. This experience was both humbling and rewarding. What I loved most about tonight was being able to see the relationships that Amber has built with the people we were feeding. She knew many of them by name and they even called her mom. I could definitely sense the love that was shared between these two seemingly different groups of people with two totally different backgrounds. The love that I sensed was no doubt God’s love. Amber told our group before we got off the bus that we are Jesus to these people. I almost felt that these people were more like Jesus to us, many of them very humble and grateful for us to serve them. Even though some of them may not be followers of Christ, I still could see the love they had for each other as well as for our group. I saw Jesus in them. I believe that God’s love can be found in anyone, it’s just that some don’t acknowledge or embrace it. This week I am hoping to experience God’s love in places and people that I might not expect to find it. His love is everywhere. We just have to learn to look for it and embrace it.

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