God’s will for my life… today.

I recently finished reading Forgotten God, by Francis Chan and let me tell you it was an amazing read.  It was an amazing read. Thanks for letting me tell you. Anyway, the impact this book has had on my awareness of the Holy Spirit in my life has been amazing. It is so easy to only see the Holy Spirit as that feeling you get in church during a good worship song, or as the thing you look to for comfort in a difficult situation. The Spirit can include these things; however, the Spirit is so much more.

The Holy Spirit is God, the Creator, the Father, the maker of heaven and earth. The Spirit is Jesus Christ. Can you imagine how your life would be different if everyday you had Jesus by your side, going to work with you, walking with you to class, helping you with the many choices you make daily in your life? I’m sure your life would look a little different. I know mine would.

I’ll just get to the point. Like I said earlier, the Holy Spirit is Jesus. He IS with us everyday, every moment. The Spirit speaks to us daily. He comforts us, rebukes us, teaches us. God is with us. Once I really started to grasp this concept and live as though I truly believe it, the presence of the Spirit has become more real to me than ever before. Of course, I still struggle to hear at times, but at least now I understand the importance of listening constantly.

I’ve always been a person who seeks after God’s will for my life. Doing so has brought me to Malone, led me to my major, and impacted various aspects of my story. But these are mostly long term, big picture things I’m talking about. I’ve ignored what the Spirit is telling me in my daily journey. Yes, it is important to seek God’s will for big picture things, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. What is God telling you today? What is He telling you at this very moment? It is so easy to get “distracted” worrying about God’s will for your future, when God is telling you right now to talk to that person in your dorm who is hurting and lonely, or to buy a pizza for that homeless guy on the side of the road. I’m just saying, you never know what God has in store for you, until you listen.

I encourage you to check out Forgotten God if you are interested in deepening your relationship with the Spirit. I know it has help me understand and think through a lot of things. You won’t be disappointed.

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