The Summer of Jeb

School’s out. The Cavs are eliminated. Summer is basically here and I don’t have a job. Let the blogging begin!

With all this free time on my hands, I should be able to focus on the finer things of life, such as reading, writing (blogging), exercising, and spending time with friends. Yet, I find myself spending the majority of my time in my room, by myself watching ESPN, Jeopardy, or Gilmore Girls episodes that I have seen multiple times already (they’re just so witty, I can’t help myself).

At times it has been a struggle to muster up the motivation to leave my room and make the 100 foot trek to the wellness center to get a lift in. At times the idea of lacing up the old running shoes and going for a 5 mile jaunt through Canton seems like the last thing I’d want to do. And if I’m having this much trouble getting motivated to exercise, (I’m an exercise science major, by the way) how am I going to force myself to sit down and read a book? It’s so much easier to turn on the television, sit on my couch, and watch Cash Cab.

Why does it seem like the more free time we have, the less we are motivated to do? How many times have you heard someone say, or said yourself, “If only I had more free time, then I could focus on what’s truly important?” I know I’ve said that before. But that’s not necessarily what happens. I more often find myself with the attitude, “I don’t have to do anything today, so I won’t do anything today.”

Don’t get me wrong, some days are better than others. Some days I wake up and am ready to take on the world. It’s being consistent that’s the problem. I need to find a way to stay motivated throughout the week. Writing about it helps. Goal setting may be appropriate. Prayer is definitely beneficial.

When it comes down to it, I just need to hunker down and show some self discipline. There’s a long summer ahead. I’ll leave you with a quote from a movie I watched recently. It seems to fit. “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” Yeah, I like that.

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