What Drives Your Soul?

I’ve always been a little jealous of musicians. Basically, I’m jealous of  anyone who can sing or play an instrument. It’s probably because I have no musical talent whatsoever. And what makes things worse is that I love music so much. If I could, I would listen to music at all times. It would be like a movie soundtrack, but only to my life. I would be fine with that.

Anyway, back to my jealousy…. Have you ever been to a concert or show of some sort and watched a musician get so into playing their instrument that it seems as if they have completely lost all sense of where they are. It’s like the audience isn’t even there anymore and they’re just playing because if they don’t they could explode. The music is just pouring out of them. Almost like the music has taken over. Part of me wants that.

When I think about it, it’s not so much the musical talent that I’m jealous of, I have other talents I could develop. What intrigues me is the passion that they bring to their music. I like this word, passion.

When you have something that you’re passionate about you feel as if your life has purpose. There is always something that you’ll be willing to work at, struggle with, suffer for.  Some people may be passionate about painting. Teachers can be passionate about education. Others have a passion for helping the poor.

While not all of these passions are expressed as intensely as say a drummer so entranced that it takes him a second to realize he lost a drumstick, they all have something in common. These passions are all extremely powerful. Sometimes to the point that they’re dangerous. Have you ever felt so strongly about something that you don’t think you could live without it, as though it is a part of you and without it you are not whole? In my opinion, that’s kind of scary.

I’ll tell you what I think is more frightening. What if you don’t figure out your passion? What if you go through life never finding that one thing that gets you excited, causes you to react, that thing that defines your purpose in life.

Sadly, it seems many people lack passion in their lives. Think about it for a second. What drives you? What one thing above all else gives your life meaning? If you are like me, you may not be able to answer the question. Don’t worry, there’s still time. As long as you are seeking your purpose you are headed in the right direction.

So here’s some advice, take it or leave it, for figuring out what you are passionate about….

First of all, don’t confuse your passion with your talents. Just because you are good at something, doesn’t mean that this is what you should pursue. When things come easy to us, we are less likely to struggle, less likely to grow. Stretch yourself and figure out what moves you.

Next, don’t let someone else tell you what your passion is. This is something you have to discover for yourself. However, I’m not saying you shouldn’t take advice from others. Affirmation can be crucial. Just don’t let others define who you are.

Lastly, allow God to reveal your passions to you. It is through seeking His will that we fully allow ourselves to become the human beings we were made to be. If your purpose comes from God I assure you, your life will be more meaningful than you can ever imagine.

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One Response to What Drives Your Soul?

  1. Coach Grimes says:

    Great words my friend. Keep this up.

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