Sunshine in December

At times, I find that I am one of those people who like to point out the negative aspects of a situation. Some would call it being pessimistic; I’ve argued that I’m just being realistic. Whichever is true, it doesn’t matter. What matters is I am not being optimistic.

For example, yesterday the weather was completely gorgeous. 70 degrees, sunny, with a warm breeze. Not really what you expect two days after Christmas in northeast Ohio. Wouldn’t you think I should have been praising God for the beautiful day he so graciously gave to us? This was not the case. I was more discouraged because I knew the nice weather wasn’t going to last. I was more  focused on the harsh Ohio winter that I knew to be ahead in the following three months. Somehow this beautiful day became more of a curse instead of the blessing it should have been.

I see this happen in many aspects of my life. God has given this wonderful gift to me, this joy and peace that is available every day I wake up and wander His creation. All I have to do is accept it. Embrace it. Take hold of it and realize how much God loves me. But sadly, I don’t always do this. I forget about what God has done. I look in other places to make me happy. But I’m always left wanting.

It would be like getting a perfect Christmas present, let’s say a coffee maker, because you’re an avid coffee drinker, opening it up and being so happy, so excited about it and then putting it back in the box and placing it under the tree, to never use it. All the while, you wake up every morning and long for a cup of coffee.

So, back to yesterday. It wasn’t until I got home at midnight and stepped out of my car when it hit me. As I glanced up at the stars, they were so bright and the sky was so clear,  I was finally able to appreciate the beauty of the day. I was so in awe that I just stopped and starred out into space for a few minutes. I thanked God for His creation and the magnificent vastness of the universe. It was then that a peace overcame me, a calmness that enabled me to appreciate the fact  that at that moment in time,  no matter what happens tomorrow or whatever has happened in the past, God loves me and I can take comfort in that. If I just take the time to stop and be grateful for all the good things God has given me, I’ll be able to appreciate the sunshine in December.

Current music: Lookin’ Forward by Over the Rhine

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