Back in Ohio… still in Honduras.

I arrived home from my trip to Honduras Friday night just after seven. After spending a week in Honduras, serving, learning, working, playing, and loving; needless to say, I was spent. I cannot tell you that I was completely sad to be home. There is no doubt that it was comforting to see my family and sleep in my own bed. But, as cliche as it sounds,  part of me was still in Honduras. Whenever you return from a trip like this, it always seems as though something in you has changed; you feel like you are not the same person you were when you left. I get this feeling after reading a great book or watching certain movies. I feel more complete but also lacking something at the same time. It is difficult to explain.

I spent an entire week with a group of people who I grew to love. Instead of recapping the events of the week (which can be found in Ashley’s blog at, I want to share with you a little bit of what God has been teaching me, in particular about living in community. I realize my posts can sometimes become lengthy, so bear with me, I’ll do my best to not write a book.

Throughout the week, about thirty people, mostly Americans (U.S. Americans) and some Hondurans lived together as a family of believers; serving together, eating together, worshiping together, and loving each other. Not only did we serve the people of Honduras, we also were serving each other. I laughed, loved and cried more in this short time than I had all year back home. Keep in mind that all thirty of us were sleeping in the same house, eating the same food, sharing the same bathrooms. The living conditions were in no way ideal; however, none of us complained. We realized that God had called us for a higher purpose. We were on a mission to show God’s love to those in need. It would not be inaccurate to call our little group a “community”.

I’ve been using this word “community” a lot lately. I like it. To me community means living together with a purpose, living for each other. When that sense of purpose comes from God, the community becomes the church. Our week in Honduras, I felt that we were the church. We were the hands and feet of Jesus. I am completely convinced that this is how God intended for us to live. The challenge for me is to figure out how to create that sort of community here, back home. It is so easy to be the church when you are completely focused on doing so. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy when you’re not on a mission’s trip. I just pray that God will lead me to find this type of community in my everyday life. I could go on about the trip for hours and hours, but I’ll refrain from doing so; however, if you ever want to talk about Honduras or the Church or anything else, I would love to chat with you.

I wish to leave you with a song that has become very dear to me. Our group sang this song almost everyday that we were in Honduras. It is such a simple, but beautiful song. I hope you enjoy it.


Father God, just for today
Help me walk your narrow way
Help me stand when I might fall
Give me Your strength to hear Your call

May my steps be worship
May my thoughts be praise
May my words bring honor to Your name
May my steps be worship
May my thoughts be praise
May my words bring honor to Your name

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2 Responses to Back in Ohio… still in Honduras.

  1. Jeb – this is good. real good.

    I have been focusing a lot on that community STUFF for a while (look into Deitrich Bonhoffer … “Life Together” was good – i actually finished that one 🙂 – he’s a stud on this discussion of what community is).

    I have not profound to say in response – except maybe Praise God? God is incredible. and the more I look at our purpose and how it is that we are to spend our time on this earth (waiting for our new earth!) the more I learn about this idea of community – and this idea of being the hands and this idea of worshipping with our footsteps (just like your song).

    It’s really a beautiful thing when you slow down to think about it. God was really really intentional when He introduced COMMUNITY into humanity. there are a lot of broken people globally – and community is like a giant band-aid that can bring healing. don’t make fun of that – i just dont know how to really depict that which can come from a group of people TRULY … INTENTIONALLY … living for The Truth and The Way.

    p.s. you said “so bear with me, I’ll do my best not to write a book” … WRiTE THAT BOOK, I’LL READ IT! My guess, is that it just may be good enough that I’d want to finish it!

  2. jebualaaron says:

    Jay, thank you for the feedback. I always appreciate when others let me know what they think of my posts. I would love to discuss this more with you and considering you are currently sitting beside me, maybe we should do so.

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