I can’t do anything this weekend, I’m going to Honduras.

Well, finals week is finally over and almost everyone has packed up and left for Christmas break; however, I’m still here. The reason I haven’t returned to good old Minerva for the break isn’t just because I wish to prolong the eventual boredom that will soon become my life, sitting at home with no internet and no Christmas break job to occupy my time. No, the reason I’m sticking around is because tomorrow morning at 8am I depart, along with 24 other Maloners, to Honduras for a week long missions trip extravaganza!

The truth is Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the western hemispere and they are in need of all the help we can give them. This being my first missions trip, not to mention my first trip outside the U.S. (besides Canada,  but I’m told it doesn’t count) I’m not sure what to expect. To be honest, I’m trying really hard not to have any expectations going into this trip. I’ve been preparing myself for the trip by asking God to take away my expectations and fears and help me allow myself to be used in whatever way He chooses.

As you read this, I just ask that you keep our group in your thoughts and prayers throughout the week as we offer ourselves to the people of Honduras, as well as to each other. I Pray that we allow ourselves to be used by God to glorify the kingdom. I want to make Jesus smile.

I’ll let you know how the trip goes… Ttyl!!!

Current music: Idioteque by Radiohead

Currently reading: Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer

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