Don’t be afraid to sing out loud.

Today after practice, I decided to share with Andy an insecurity of mine, trusting that he is my friend and would sympathize and not make fun of me. While Andy, Garrett, and I  were belting out our usual chorus of singing in the shower, I began to think about how I wish that I had a good singing voice. I mean I just flat out am not a good singer. Mind you, this is not what I’m insecure about. I know that I can’t sing and I am not afraid to let people know. I enjoy singing, mostly in my car, or at church, or with a group of people, like in the dorm showers. However, when I am the only one singing, and I really try hard to sound good, this is when I become embarassed. Even when I am by myself I can feel my face turning red. I know, it’s strange. So, back to Andy. I revealed this irrational fear to him, looking to receive some form of comfort or sympathy. To make a long story short, this is the feedback which I received instead.

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