Coffee with friends.

There are few things that I enjoy more than having a good cup of coffee with a friend. Having coffee and pie with a friend is one one of them. Coffee and whole-grain, blueberry pancakes is another. For some reason, being completely exhausted and sitting down to enjoy a free breakfast at Bob Evans then later getting dessert at Bill and Mary’s diner, (best pie in Canton, by the way) was completely and utterly relaxing and made me realize how great it can feel to be tired. Lack of sleep can have many effects on one’s body, but none is as soothing as that feeling when you sit down and just relax your entire body and just… simply… breath. You don’t move. You don’t talk. You just rest. I’m not talking about sleeping. Sleeping is great, but I prefer to be conscious when I rest, so I can enjoy it more. Maybe you don’t understand. Perhaps this is just me being odd. Even so, I think you should try it sometime. You can try it now if you want. Just sit there and don’t do anything.

Let your body go limb.

Close your eyes.

Let your muscles relax.

Clear every thought from your mind.

Forget about your worries…

or whatever is stressing you out.

Enjoy the moment for a while…

Now wasn’t that nice?

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