You don’t know what love is…

I’m currently listening a song by the White Stripes titled “You don’t know what love is (you just do as you’re told,) which is weird because that is pretty much what God has been teaching me this week. Allow me to explain. Every human being, when born into this world, is incomplete. Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, it is evident that part of you is missing, lacking, you are not whole. I know this from experience. I am constantly searching for the one thing in my life that will make me happy, at least for a little while anyway. We all do this. Whether it is a new shiny bicycle, a certain type of food, or even a boyfriend/girlfriend, we are all seeking some thing that will make us more whole, more complete. It can be little things as well. I can remember on more than one occasion where I would just go to Wal-Mart just to look for something to buy, maybe a new toothbrush or razor or something stupid like that. I was searching for something new, something that would change me, something I could be excited about for a little while. And the truth is, it never lasts. The newness wears off. Then you have to go out and find something else to fill the void.

So, this is where God comes in. I believe the craving that I am talking about exists because we are disconnected to God. Sin has created a wall, keeping us from fully experiencing God’s glory. Without God, we are incomplete. But how do we overcome this barrier? What is the answer to the problem? I think I may know the solution. And as cliche as it sounds, the truth is, all you need is love. (Yeah, I know it’s a Beatles song.) The bible says that God is love. Therefore, if you want to experience God, then you need to experience love. This makes sense to me; However, you must be careful. This is where you can get tripped up. I know I’ve been confused. As a college student, the search for love can be very limited. At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be many options. Many times we can only imagine one type of love as being worth pursuing. This love I am talking about is a deep, intimate, meaningful emotion. It is characterized by warm feelings, sweaty palms, and elevated heart beats. It’s romantic love. Seriously, how hard is it for a college student to not think of the next step in life, the key to experiencing a deeper kind of intimacy, or even a way to grow closer to God, as marriage? The pressure comes from all around. It comes from parents, relatives, friends, society, not to mention hormones. I have multiple friends who are engaged or in serious relationships, which is good. I do believe that through marriage one can experience God in an intimate way. After all, God invented marriage as a gift, therefore it is good. But, this is not the only way we can experience God’s love. Jesus doesn’t just command us to love our significant other. We are commanded to love all. Love your neighbor. Love your friends, your family. Love your enemies.

My prayer for all who are longing to experience love is that we will be able to find love in every relationship we enter into. Do you know that feeling you get when you first start dating someone? You are excited to get to know them and grow closer to this person. A good description of this could be “down right giddy.” Do you know what I’m talking about? It’s such a great feeling. Why can’t we have that feeling in all of our relationships? I pray that we can. I know that this is possible. This is how God intended things to be. I urge you, stop looking for that one special someone that you can pour out your love to for the rest of your life. Start loving everyone you encounter everyday. Then you will truly experience the Joy of Christ.

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