Haunted Hayride

There’s something about Halloween and the autumn season that I find comforting. I can’t really explain where these feelings come from. I never really had sweet halloween costumes growing up and I really don’t like eating candy that much either. When it comes to scary movies, I’ve seen my fair share, but I’ve never really been scared by them. The thing about halloween that I do love though is hayrides. My goal for this year was to go on a sweet hayride, you know, with a huge  hay wagon pulled by a tractor through a cornfield or a scary forest. I can’t remember the last time I’d been on a hayride. I think maybe it was in middle school. So, this brings me to yesterday (Halloween Day) when we were sitting at lunch, trying to decide on what kind of craziness the weekend should bring. Jon suggested lunar bowling (lame), but I refused to settle for such a mediocre idea. After a few minutes of brainstorming, Andy, Paul, and I had an eclectic epiphany. Why not host our very own haunted hayride on the prestigious campus of Malone University? The idea was golden. The only problem was that we had less than nine hours to pull it off. This however was not a huge problem, considering we are used to getting things done at the last possible moment. So we had a hayride, a haunted hayride at that. People showed up. People ate donuts and drank cider. People sat on hay bails and rode around campus, while various zombies, clowns, and monsters tried to scare them. On the surface, it was a successful event. And in reality it was successful, however; I was not satisfied. Something was missing. I think the reason I love the idea of a hayride is because when I imagine a hayride, I picture a bunch of friends and couples all squeezed together, cozy and comfortable. Sadly, I had no one to get cozy with at our hayride.

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